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But that can completely exhaust you. Tarot horoscope therefore recommends people born under the sign of Libra: Set your boundaries on both sides, to know how far can you go. Or create a balanced system that will work with minimal effort, and then you can sometimes overdo everything. Scorpio , according to tarot cards, you are most affected by the Death card. However, it is not a factual, but a symbolic death. The horoscope warns Scorpio that in he can expect a breakthrough.

Your desire to become more and more yourself may be the birth of a new 'yourself'.

Taurus Horoscope 2020 - Complete Horoscope Prediction 2020 For Taurus Zodiac Sign

In order to move further, you must end things going nowhere or bothering you. It can be work or personal matters or even an important breakthrough in life. But the horoscope warns that there is always have to be something for something. In order to create something new, you must be willing to sacrifice something of yourself. In focus more on yourself, on your health, and indulge yourself a little solitude to be well prepared and tuned for new changes. Be aware that you cannot be kind and dedicated to your friends unless you are kind and dedicated to yourself , says the horoscope.

Tarot cards reveal that in order to complete the realization of your dreams and ideas, you must stop wasting your energy on suspecting others, self-criticizing and correcting injustices. Get healthily upset and see you will see it will work. Sagittarius , according to tarot cards, the Art card affects you most.

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Harmony and balance, these qualities should be your primar focus in , advises the horoscope. You need to balance the opposites you face in life. Only then will you be able to create something positive, whether at work or in private life. Such effort, however, cannot do without great determination and firm will. At the same time, the horoscope warns of simplicity: Before you say anything, first take a breath and think.

Your sincerity, though well intended, can hurt many rather than help them. In , you can systematically embark on your plans. Although you do not want to be restricted by anyone and anything, the horoscope warns: Remember, you have to make compromises in life. Keep your optimism and good mood you are able spread around, reminds you the tarot cards. Sagittarius, do not be mischievous towards others and do not explode with every hint of insult or injustice. The Horoscope clearly recommends: Try to establish harmony in yourself, be patient, and then you can expect to thrive as you would like to.

Capricorn , according to tarot cards, are most affected by the Devil card. The horoscope predicts that in you may face great temptation. Because both at work and in private life you usually to give it all you can, this challenge can come from almost anywhere - the desire to achieve even more.

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Capricorn, if the urge is for something naughty, feel free to succumb to it and accept it with humor. However, if the motivation is more serious, stand with both feet on the ground, because a disaster may come you may lose your humor. The horoscope warns you to hamper your ambition. Do not disappoint people's trust in you. Take advantage of being timely and reliable in Hold on to it, and if you add your witty humor, you will do well. Capricorn, the tarot Horoscope also reminds: If you or someone round you has not adhered to the schedule, do not criticize yourself or others.

We are not slaves of time, but the time is here for us. Opposingly, if you spare bit of that time, use your attraction and sensuality for a small flirt, but with humor and with boundaries. Aquarius , according to Tarot cards, you are most affected by the Star card.

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In , especially you always blaming yourselfs for something, have an important task to work on your self-esteem, because it is the only way to gain respect from others. The Horoscope advises the Aquarius to put more emphasis on their intuition and resolutely tackle even things they doubt they could handle. They will tell you lot of things.

What you can do alone will make you stronger. But the horoscope warns you to set yourself goals that you can manage. Otherwise, disappointment will come instead of satisfaction and it can bother you for a long time. In , the horoscope encourages Aquarius to try to implement some of the original ideas. If you have friends around you who love and understand you, you can do it.

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But you have to trust yourself. Otherwise, you will end up as idealistic dreamers.

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  8. Take advantage of your stamina, focus on the fact that you can turn plans into reality. You might be rattled over changes to your company that push your security buttons. Where is your place in all of this? You may have to consider your career goals altogether. Pay close attention to the rumblings of change during these short months. After December 17, Saturn will move to the top of your chart and stay there through March of You can count on a time of becoming the authority in your career, but your success will be directly proportional to the level you've earned it. With Saturn, there is no free lunch.

    So, while Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are moving together through your 9th House of Learning for most of the year, and while eclipses continue to flank your communication axis eclipses on January 10, June 21, and July 5 , your best course of action is to remember that the wisest teacher is the eternal student. You might be so busy teaching, writing, speaking, or sharing your expertise with others that you feel there is no time for advancing your own studies.

    That would be a terrible mistake.

    Taurus Horoscope 12222: Everything Is Possible This Year!

    When your forecast period begins, both Jupiter and Uranus are in your sign. Deep emotional sharing and your intimate life might be on your mind.

    The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th might bring personal finances into the spotlight. After that, conserve your finances. Security will be emphasized during the first three weeks of the month while the Sun is in Taurus. Mercury, Venus, and Uranus also spend time in Taurus this month. Mars is in Gemini for the first half of the month, so you might feel very active mentally or physically. Avoid being smug or pushy. When Mars enters Cancer on the 15th, your attention will shift to home, family, and personal life.

    Mars is in Leo all month, Mercury until the 18th, the Sun entering there on the 22nd means an emphasis on home, family, and personal life. Mercury in Cancer from the 19th puts people in a sensitive mood. The New Moon in Leo on the 31st is helpful for domestic activities. Home and family are emphasized from a series of planets moving through Leo. Be patient when retrograde Saturn slows your progress.