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Saturn placement as the Lagna lord in Lagna itself is considered highly auspicious. My view: The placement of Saturn as the Lagna lord in Lagna is considered highly beneficial. The sign Aquarius is the Moolatrikona sign of Saturn.


But in any case, if Saturn is occupied with weak malefic planets, then it can make life extremely miserable. Saturn will act more like the 12th lord which will result in huge expenditure, loss of landed properties, vehicles, accidents, unexpected loss of money. They usually will be going through the very tough experience in the Saturn Maha Dasha period due to the lordship of the 12th house. All the classical texts as we learned earlier, have stated extremely positive results when the Saturn is placed in the house of Jupiter. But Saturn having the Lordship of the 12th house will give more heights to the natives who are much involved in Spiritual activities.

The results will be completely depending on the placement of its depositor Lagna Lord Jupiter. If the Lagna lord Jupiter is weak then Saturn will show more of its negative sign of the 12th house. Transits or gochar is mainly taken from the moon sign. But while doing horoscope analysis we consider the transit of planets over the natal Lagna also. But when Saturn transits the first house of the moon sign, it is said as the person is going through the Sade Sati Period. Usually, this period is considered to bring major health issues, loss of wealth, operations, accidents, etc.

The Vedha sign of Saturn when it transits moon sign is the same moon sign itself. Now let us go through some example.

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Now if you see Venus joins Saturn in the Fig A-1 chart, so negative results will get nullified until Venus stays in the sign Capricorn. So if Saturn is in the first house of Navamsa Lagna , then we can say there will be good stability in life after marriage. To achieve something in life, you should be able to come out of your comfort zone. When he is afflicted in horoscope, it makes the person Lazy. Try to wake up at 5 am or at least before the sunrise.

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Twitter Facebook Instagram. Mars when afflicted in the first needs to stop hurrying and be more patient or they may run people over with their power. Still this position is good for passion and enthusiasm particularly in Taurus and Libra and Sagittarius. It will particularly do well in Gemini and Virgo and Libra and Taurus but will be too argumentative in Aries and Scorpio. In Pisces it may be too talkative and have too much intellectual energy and be too scattered to be in balance. They tend to be optimistic and expansive.

Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo and Aries are particularly strong but people with Jupiter in Libra, Taurus or Capricorn or Aquarius may be falsely optimistic and be unable to see fine details. Still when afflicted in other signs it may be prone to laziness, sensual excess and comprising rather than standing up for what they believe. SATURN is one of the more difficult positions to have in the 1 st house as fear does not belong in the head and needs to be ground in the base chakra in Capricorn. If Saturn is poorly placed in Aries or Leo and Cancer or Scorpio, they native may be sullen, grouchy, fearful, hurried and anxious.

Individuals may seem mature or older than they appear and may have prominent teeth.

4th lord in the 1st house in Astrology ( Forth lord in the First house)

Still if there is dignity in Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus or Libra, they may excel in administration and become more successful in later life. Jimmy Carter had Saturn and Libra and was successfully but never liked much which is one of the drawbacks of this difficult position. RAHU: Rahu in the 1 st house with having dignity can make one charismatic and eccentric and be very self-centered and wanted to grab the lime-light and seek attention.

I call it the rock-star syndrome in craving attention and desiring fame. They are very self-deprecatory and aware of every one of their personality flaws and love to be lost in the crowd. It is the sum total of our personality, both the inner self and outer shell.

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  • First house thus rules how we grow and gives a shape to how we perceive the world. The position and strength of the first house lord is very important in carving the destiny of a person. First house mostly relates to public appearance, how a person projects himself or herself to the world.

    Astrology House 1: You, Your Personality | Finale Future

    It is a mirror into how we show ourselves as well as how we actually are. It gives a clear picture of your vim and vigor, and overall health and wellbeing. It is a window to your general outlook towards life, which largely affects your choices and future course of events. Moreover, its astrological analysis also tells about upcoming misfortunes and mishaps.

    First house thus is very important in terms of making astrological predictions. Year West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Popular Services.