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Progeny in Jyotish II: Number & sex of children

Children are one who inherit your cultural values and keep it alive. If it has been a long time since you got married, but despite best efforts you are not able to conceive or have suffered from miscarriages or stillbirth, you need our progeny horoscope to understand your progeny prospects in detail. This astrology report is completely based on Indian astrology because Indian system of astrology is scientific and there are accurate method of predicting progeny related matters timing of having and conceiving a baby.

In Vedic astrology 5th house represents progeny.

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Jupiter is natural karaka for progeny. Saptansh or D-7 is divisional chart that represents children. Pitri dosha, sarp dosha, Barren signs in 5th house with any kind of association with malefic or badhaka planet delays or denies child birth.

Progeny Report

We will study your and your partner's horoscope to identify exact reason behind delay in having children, abortion, stillbirth and other issues related to progeny. In addition to this our astrologers will suggest effective remedies to overcome all possible problems. Remedies can be based on astrology and medical science. How will it help? For whom is Progeny report?

Child birth promise and Sex of the child as per Astrology

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